Children’s Visions of the Future

As part of a local primary school’s centennial project we asked children to share their visions of the future. The result: a 20-minute film consisting of interviews with 9/10-yr-olds in which children voice their concerns about the environment, describe their future aspirations and speculate on the innovations that may change school life.

The interviews are mixed with some brief time-lapse sequences for intro/outro & transitions (small ferry crossing a narrow tributary of the Danube; clouds rushing over a part of the Vienna woods; the shadow of an old walnut tree flickering on a patch of moss as the sun is eclipsed by cloud; children arriving at school).

Some of the interviews were conducted in German, without sub-titles, since we made the film in a bilingual primary school for a bilingual audience. The school is located in Vienna, Austria.


Canon 5D/m2 + internal mic.
Lens: 24-105mm

Kilde: Vimeo

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