Taylor Conroy – How to Build a School in 3 Hours

How To Build A School in Three Hours

October 6, 2011

Say Aloha to philanthropist Taylor Conroy. He’s been initiated to this year’s Awesomeness Fest tribe as one of our speakers. This remarkable man has already accomplished more than most people will in a lifetime. Heck, we wouldn’t be one bit surprised if the secret to Red Bull’s energy boosting recipe includes a bit of his DNA.

At twenty, Taylor became the youngest fireman in Canada. And by the time he turned twenty-four, he was sizzlin’ as a real estate mogul. But it was sometime after his 27th birthday that he realized, he needed to use his wealth to change lives and leave a positive impact on society. But he had no idea where to start.

It was soon after seeking advice from Zac Whyte (one of Canada’s most sought after fundraisers), that Taylor found himself in the middle of Africa.

And what he saw transformed his life for good. He saw children going to schools that were made of dung, mud and sticks. He met thousands of kids who’s parents died of AIDS. After this experience, things just clicked for him. He decided to devote his life towards giving, and he’s never looked back since.

By the time he returned to Canada, Taylor was pumped to give more. He even calls it an addiction. He was determined to share this rush with the rest of the world, but soon discovered that the perception behind giving had already been tainted. Somewhere between the money and the reason to give, the emotion of personal fulfillment had gone completely missing. Thus Taylor set out to change people’s perception of fundraising and giving.

After a series of experiments, Taylor devised the world’s coolest fundraising method. It combined five essential elements which fuel the drive for a person to give. With this unstoppable method, Taylor raised $10,000 (in three hours!) which helped him build a school in Africa. And all it took was a simple understanding of the human motivation. Taylor’s method has the potential to pave a new path for fundraising, and put the soul back to giving.

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