Cisco Announces Internet Will Quadruple by 2015!

by Aaron Saenz June 5th, 2011 http://singularityhub.com

Cisco is a giant in tech and telecomm – a giant with prophetic visions. Every June it releases itsVisual Networking Index (VNI), a review and forecast of how IP networks are growing worldwide. This year’s VNI gives a remarkable prediction for 2015 – that the traffic on the internet will total 966 exabytes – four times the current level! That’s the equivalent of more than 240 billion DVDs worth of data. Along with this exponential growth in traffic, Cisco makes more other important predictions: 2015 will see 3 billion internet users, 15 billion networked devices, amazing growth in Asia, Latin America, and Africa, and the prevalence of video as the largest source of traffic. Learn more about Cisco’s vision of 2015 in the video and charts below. While profound all on their own, these accelerating trends in online activity are just signs of the deeper changes that will accompany it. The digital age is spreading to all corners of the globe and with its arrival will come shifts in power, culture, and personal identity. Hopefully for the betterment of all humanity.

Quadrupling traffic by 2015 is incredible, but it’s largely the result of four trends any of us could predict. First, the number of internet users is increasing steadily as networks spread through the globe and connecting devices get cheaper. Second, more and more devices are coming online – mobile phones for sure, but also appliances, meters, etc. Third, the speed of internet connectivity is increasing: Cisco believes the average speed will go from 7 Mbps now to nearly 28 Mbps in 2015. Fourth and last, content on the internet is getting denser with data, in large part because so much involves video. By 2015, video will clearly be ahead of file sharing as the largest portion of internet traffic (up to 61%). We’re talking one million minutes of video sent every second! That’s insane. With users, devices, speed, and data density all increasing, it makes complete sense that we’d see exponential growth in online traffic.

There are some amazing details from the VNI discussed in the following video, but fair warning, the people speaking aren’t the most entertaining to watch. Feel free to skip around. A lot.

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