Why Google and Facebook Won’t Last

By Steve Tobak | March 28, 2011 – HomeLeadershipThe Corner Office

Ever try to reach a live person at Google? How aboutYahooFacebook orTwitter? That’s right, you can’t. At least not without spending an unreasonable amount of time and effort. It’s ironic that companies created to help empower the masses to communicate and collaborate are themselves inaccessible to them.

More importantly, that’s why those companies won’t last. That’s right; you heard me. I said they won’t last. And not because their executives aren’t smart, either. Believe me; they’re smart. They won’t last because they’re effectively isolated from their customers.

But if their executives are so smart, then why let that happen? Two reasons:

  1. They don’t necessarily agree with my hypothesis, and more importantly;
  2. They don’t have a choice. They simply can’t afford to connect with their customers because, well, they have too many of them.

You see, the customers of Internet companies like Google and Facebook are pretty much everybody. How would you like to be in charge of keeping customer service costs down at a company that swings its doors wide open to a pretty big chunk of planet Earth’s population? Talk about a tough job.

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