How Steve Jobs Became a Master Brander

As all the world knows by now, Steve Jobs, brand master of Apple, yesterday introduced the iPad 2. Consistent with his own iconic brand image, he wore his black mock turtleneck shirt and blue jeans. When he walked on stage, he surprised the audience and received a standing ovation — dispelling rumors that he was on his deathbed. In response to his appearance and the iPad 2 announcement, Apple stock rose $2.81.

By Ira Kalb | March 3, 2011 –

Probably due to his compromised health, his presentation seemed to lack the energy of previous product introductions. If anyone has seen Steve Jobs in action, they know that his performances are typically powered by high energy, enthusiasm, and phenomenal timing. When he is healthy, nobody comes close to his level of skill in giving a presentation to an audience.

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