En lur på 6 minutter booster din hukommelse


Scientific American har en spændende artikel med titlen “Naps for Better Recall – Even a six-minute snooze boosts memory”.

Her kommer et lille uddrag:

“Mountains of evidence reveal that sleep enhances memory. Now Olaf Lahl of the University of Düsseldorf in Germany and his colleagues have struck a blow for power-napping by showing that falling asleep for only six minutes is enough to significantly enhance memory. This is the shortest period of sleep found to affect mental functioning. It suggests, Lahl says, that something happens at the point of losing consciousness that solidifies memories.
The subjects in Lahl’s study reported to the university’s sleep lab at 1 p.m. They were given two minutes to memorize a list of 30 words and tested on their recall an hour later. In the interim, they either stayed awake, took a six-minute nap or a longer snooze averaging 35 minutes. On no sleep, subjects recalled an average of just under seven words. A short nap raised performance to more than eight. A longer nap, including some time in deeper sleep, boosted recall to more than nine words.”

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